Osteohistology Lab

The osteohistology laboratory laboratory, based in the Karoo Palaeontology Department at the National Museum, contains state-of-the-art equipment for thin sectioning extinct and extant vertebrates. Struers Accutom-50 and LaboPol 5 machines are used to cut, grind and polish thin sections, which are then viewed, photographed and analysed using a Nikon Eclipse 50i Polarizing microscope and DS-Fi1 digital camera. Large images are rendered using a Prior Scientific Optiscan motorised stage and associated software within an NIS Elements D package.

The Osteohistology Collection contains thin sections and images of:

  • Procolophonid parareptiles
  • Archosauromorph reptiles
  • Dicynodont Therapsids
  • Therocephalian Therapsids
  • Cynodont Therapsids
  • Permian Coprolites

Enquiries: Jennifer Botha-Brink